Energy source

Classification of energy source :-

The energy source can be classified into two types on the basis of their consumption :

  1. Primary Energy sources
  2. Secondary Energy Sources

Primary energy sources are used in the natural form in which they occur. Sun, wood, fossil fuels etc. are the example of primary energy sources. Secondary sources are made from Primary energy source e.g. Electricity or electric energy. It can produced from water, wind, coal, sun and nuclear etc.

Primary energy sources are further divided into two types:

  1. Renewable sources
  2. Nonrenewable sources

Renewable source of energy

energy source

Energy sources which can be renewed again and again are called renewable sources of energy. They are available in very large amount and probably they will never exhaust. For example, sun, biomass, water, air, wood etc.

Non renewable sources of energy

Energy sources which cannot be used again and again are non conventional energy sources. They are available in limited quantity and will exhaust one day. These are the conventional sources which are decreasing with time and cannot be replenished or renewed for further use. They are called exhaustible sources. Mineral sources like fossil fuels, nuclear fuels are non-renewable sources.

Energy: Past, Today and Future

Energy resources plays an important role in human life. The knowledge of consumption and exploitation of energy sources can bring a change in the living standard of society. Now the question arises How past life was differing from present life? How it will be different from future life?