What is solar energy

Sun and Solar Energy

Solar energy is the most readily available source of energy. It is a wonderful and powerful source of energy. It does not belong to anybody and is, therefore, free. That is to say without it there will be no life. The sun energy which reaches the surface of earth is actually the half (about 47%) of energy which falls on the top earths surface. On the other hand rest of the energy is reflected back into the space. The sun energy reaches the earth gets absorbed by land, plants and water bodies like rivers, lakes and oceans.

solar energy

Solar energy is genesis for all forms of energy.

Sun energy can be made use of in two ways:

  1. Thermal route: Using heat for drying, heating, cooking, or generation of electricity.
  2. Photovoltaic route: Which converts solar energy into electricity that can be used for various purpose For example lighting, water pumping and generation of electricity. With its pollution-free nature, virtually inexhaustible supply, and global distribution.


To measure solar radiation a special instrument is used known as Pyrometer. So pyrometer is a device that measures the temperature of distant objects. It is based on the principle that the intensity of light received by the observer depends upon the distance of the observer from source and temperature and distant source.